What Is The Austin Vein Institute?

The Austin Vein Institute (AVI) is a specialized medical institution dedicated to the expert diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders. Our focus is on varicose veins, spider veins and related conditions. AVI was founded by Dr. Christopher Brennig, a board certified vascular surgeon. Dr. Brennig has focused his expertise as a vascular surgeon, and the resources of the Austin Vein Institute, toward improving the vein health of patients in central Texas and from around the world.

You might have noticed the many new “vein clinics” popping up around your area. Many of these are in essence “vein clinic franchises” offering less experienced “vein” doctors, training as they work to gain knowledge and experience while caring for their new vein patients.

Patients of the AVI can feel comfortable knowing that they are always being cared for by one of the most highly trained experts in the field. Every patient’s care at AVI is guided by Dr. Brennig’s extensive clinical experience, as well as the years of rigorous training he underwent to become a board certified vascular surgeon.

What To Expect At The Austin Vein Institute

At the Austin Vein Institute (AVI) Dr. Christopher W. Brennig, a double board certified in general and vascular surgeon, leads our exceptional medical team. Here you will find compassion and understanding as Dr. Brennig, the vascular expert, listens to your concerns to gain insight into any vascular problems you might be experiencing. You will then go through a comprehensive vascular evaluation. This includes an in-depth vein ultrasound study that is used to locate the root cause of potential vein problems. Dr. Brennig will then review the findings and explain the best treatment plan for you. Our state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures allow for quick recovery and no significant down time. Dr. Brennig personally performs all treatments at the Institute.

Our team at the Austin Vein Institute strives for an exceptionally high level of service and care. We utilize the safest and most advanced technologies, combined with our extensive experience and expertise to successfully treat your varicose veins. With proven safe procedures, performed in the security of our comfortable offices, we can quickly make your varicose and spider veins a thing of the past. The procedures take less than one hour and recovery is brief, allowing you to return to normal activities the same day. You can get rid of your varicose veins and have better looking and healthier legs with almost no down time.

Varicose veins take away from the beauty and health of your legs. They can also produce significant symptoms and serious medical conditions. These problems can be prevented and the beauty of your legs restored quickly and safely with our state-of-the-art procedures.

What To Expect At Your Initial Consultation

All consultations begin with a one-on-one session with Dr. Brennig. He will discuss your concerns and get your perspective on what changes and symptoms you have noticed in your legs and veins. Dr. Brennig will then perform a detailed review of your health history and family history, especially as it may relate to your vein condition. Following an evaluation of the affected areas, Dr. Brennig will review your venous duplex ultrasound. The findings from the ultrasound will be interpreted in light of the clinical data gathered, and a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan will be made.

All findings, diagnosis, and treatment plan will be reviewed and explained in detail with you before the conclusion of the visit. We will allow as much time as necessary to answer all questions to your satisfaction.
Dr. Brennig’s goal is to listen to each patient, accurately determine the underlying cause of any vein disorders that may be present, then communicate this information back for you in a clear and helpful manner.

Why Your Veins Are Important

Veins are the tube like vessels in your body responsible for returning blood from your organs, arms and legs back to your heart. Veins in the legs have a particularly difficult job because the blood from the legs has to travel “uphill”, that means the blood in those veins has to flow up against the constant pull of gravity. The blood traveling up the veins of your legs is composed largely of water. Just as carrying a bucket of water up a hill would be hard work, so too is carrying all of the blood up your legs throughout the course of the day.

Healthy leg veins are extremely effective and efficient at this type of work. They are able to move blood up through the veins, which are lined with a series of one-way check valves, along their course. These one-way valves keep the blood moving in one direction all the time – up, up, up and on out of the legs back to the heart. Because gravity is always trying to pull the blood backwards in these veins, it is crucial that the “one-way valves” function properly in order to prevent blood from reversing direction and pooling down in the lower legs. If these valves begin to fail, the blood will reverse direction, creating a condition known as venous reflux or venous insufficiency. As blood begins to pool in the lower legs and feet, the result is swelling, pain, skin discoloration, bulging veins and other serious complications that worsen with time.