The principle of sclerotherapy is to irritate the unhealthy veins with a solution that will cause them to permanently close. Once this has occurred, your body’s natural processes gently dissolves the treated veins, ridding the area of the spider-like veins and the unsightly appearance. We are able to perform this procedure with minimal discomfort with the aid of magnification, special lighting and needles smaller than those used for acupuncture.

Classically, a solution known as hypertonic saline was used for sclerotherapy of spider-veins. This solution has largely been abandoned as newer, more effective options became available. A little over 10 years ago, more modern solutions became available in United States. These solutions have since received FDA approval specifically for the treatment of spider and varicose veins due to their efficacy and safety. They work better than the older saline approach because there is much less discomfort, more veins can be treated in one visit, and concerns related to pigment deposition (staining) after treatment are significantly decreased.

Currently, our sclerosant solution of choice is a brand known as AscaleraTM (polidocanol). This FDA approved medicine has been shown to have the lowest incidence of pigment deposition following vein treatment and patients have the least discomfort when treated with this solution. Some vein practices prefer to have large batches of this solution made at local compounding pharmacies in order to save money by buying large single containers and then dividing the dose between patients as they arrive for treatment. We never use local pharmacy compounded versions of these medicines. Each patient receives his or her own unique single dose from the FDA approved pharmacy factory source. This ensures the integrity and sterility of the solution for each patient.

Sclerotherapy is considered one of the best methods for treating spider veins. It is best suited for medium to large spider veins because it relies upon fitting a tiny needle into a tiny vein. The procedure is performed in the office by the physician and is relatively painless. Depending on the number of spider veins, the procedure may require five minutes to one hour. Afterward, you will wear ace bandages or compression hose for three to 14 days, as recommended by your plastic surgeon. You may resume sedentary activities immediately but should avoid exercise, hot baths and alcohol for two to three days. You should anticipate 50% improvement in spider veins following each sclerotherapy session. Expect that two to six sclerotherapy sessions at one to two month intervals may be necessary to achieve your desired results. Understand that some spider veins may not respond to sclerotherapy.

Both varicose veins and spider veins are damaged veins that are not working properly. These veins commonly develop as the result of a genetically inherited condition that causes the valves, which control the normal flow within these veins to fail. If varicose veins are left untreated, they frequently lead to a progressive worsening condition, including pain, swelling, dermatitis, blood clots, skin sores and bleeding. The great news is that, today we have modern, effective, safe treatments to remove these unhealthy veins.

All of the treatments we offer are completely performed by Dr. Brennig himself. Your care will never be passed off to anybody else. You deserve the care and experience of a dedicated board certified vascular surgeon no matter how simple or challenging you case. All procedures are safely performed in the comfort of our office.

Damaged veins are most commonly treated with the latest and most effective gentle lasers, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and micro-phlebectomy. These therapies are some of the gentlest ways to remove the damaged veins. Fortunately, once the damaged veins are treated, your body will re-route blood flow into stronger, healthier veins, reducing vein problems and improving your circulation.


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