“I was referred to Dr. Brennig due to foot ucler problems. I had a DVT blood clot for 37 years that Dr. Brennig opened up and installed stents. My leg was pooling blood which caused many of the issues in my leg. The next procedures involved closing down veins that were in a recycle mode that caused the ulcer problems.
Dr. Brennig used three procedures, laser closing, removing the vein and medicine injection. All of the procedures were done in the office with Dr. Brennig telling exactly what was being done so that you are aware of what is happening with almost no discomfort. Dr. Brennig’s staff goes out of their way to be sure you are cared for and answer any questions. My wife has also had work done on her legs with great success.”

— Jay Casper, patient of Dr. Brennig

“The pictures don’t lie – it looks so much better! Best of all, it’s not hurting me all the time anymore. You do great work. Thank you so much!”

— Gina S., patient of Dr. Brennig

“Thank you so much for improving my life with the laser procedure. I am now pain free and walking normally. What a joy! I shall always remain your grateful patient.”

— G.H., patient of Dr. Brennig